Waiting for…


houseSome times there’re nothing to say.
Words don’t seem to matter.
What does a house think off
when it’s standing there?

Reaching for the sky.
The sun and the heaven.
Fire and ice.



  1. Thank you for the mention! I would appreciate if you could maybe change the link for mine to my current blog at eatsleepinspire.com because Irecently moved from a .wordpress.com website to a .com. Thank you!


    1. You’re welcome!
      I just used the link on the WPC-page and I don’t think it matters at all if the word “wordpress” is in the link. Both adresses leads to that post.
      It’s good to let go of the “wordpress”, isn’t it? 😄


        1. Oh! You did delete the old one! Didn’t you keep it for a while to redirect your visitors to the new one? I mean, since it was the old link adress on the post “Contrast” there might be quite a few who would want to visit you linking from there


          1. I did keep it for a bit, however I didn’t have too many followers and I changed sites. Thanks!


  2. Den var kul att göra, den bilden. Hade inget att göra just då så då lekte jag lite.
    Tack! Även för min Bad poetry…. :/


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