How about…

… a mid-day stroll on a cold, sunny day.


Weekly Photo Challenge: not this time of the year without

… and no snow – thank goodness

I Heart You


Weekly Photo Challenge: It’s not this time of year without… Love

And that goes for everytime, anytime, everywhere…

It’s time

… for oranges. Any sort, any size, big or small. Just oranges!


Weekly Photo Challenge: 
It's not this time of the year without: 
Fruit! Especially oranges!

What would the darkness be without light?

Nothing whatsoever!


Weekly Photo Challenge:  It’s Not This Time of Year Without… Candles!

Translator or not translator

WordPress has made it possible to translate the blogs we read into a language we are accustomed to, and know. That’s a good thing! Per se!

I tried it out on my Swedish and got; pleased, irritated and burst into a huge laughter. But as you see, I just had to try it out! Mostly because my Swedish blog no can be read even by those of you who don’t know Swedish. So Welcome!

In Swedish – the tagline is my interpretation of the blogname
The translators choices… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – What has a pump to do with a pen?

Frist I got irritated why it couldn’t translate Swedish into English – then I realized I had the main language for my blogs set on English. (Laughter) So first of all I had to go to settings and fix that. #check_and_all_right

Then I let the translator turn the blog into English and – laughter, irritation (a bit) – and shame

Laughter, since it really looked funny,
Irritation, since the choice of words often was so awkward, and some words wasn’t translated at all
Shame, since I myself write and understand English much better than this, and I hope no one will blame me because of the awkward twitches.

BUT! On the whole it’s really a good thing, this translator. Better a bad translation than none, and keeping this in mind, I hope it will render more laughs than irritation and question marks.

By the way! The Swedish word “pusslande” has to do with Jig saw puzzle. Nothing else

The coffee-image I found on Facebook on the site 

Once upon a time I had a blog (in swedish) where I called myself Coffee. It wasn’t about coffee though. It was mainly about being an ADHD and Introvert personality. Which doesn’t contradict each other

Learning how to cook vegan

From my Swedish blog….😀

Min ostyriga Penna

Blandade rotfrukter och grönsaker – Mixed rootveggies and greens – fry until soft

Kidneybönor – add beans – fry for a while, add spices

Add tomatoes, organic fresh and pureed – let simmer until it thickens. Puttra ihop grönsakerna och bönorna med Eko-tomater

Enjoy with basmati-rice and fresh cucumber. Taste with freshly grounded black pepper, and maybe some salt and lemonjuice.

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I tried to find chaos – but found only peace…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos


I think, I’ve never really listened to the words before…

Beautiful days



There are still beautiful days to come before winter arrives,
and then other kinds of beautiful days will arrive…
and then spring… and summer… and autumn again…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify