Lucky me!

looking up, I can sometimes see blue sky
when it’s not all cloudy and raining

looking up, I can sometimes see birds flying
when they aren’t sitting in a tree, chattering about something

looking up, I can’t see where I put my feet but it doesn’t matter
since I have my head above the clouds anyway

and above the clouds the sky is always blue

Lucky me!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Look up


Tall & small

opposites – but yet the same
love connects
mom & son
every thing

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

child – grownup
tall – small
boy – woman
young – mature
caring – trusting
mom – son

Flaw-mess, not less

WP is messing up. Again!

This is me!

Some time ago, maybe a year even, they gave us some smileys to use – AND the code how to write them.
Now, when I intended to use one I thought was funny, the smiley didn’t appear as it was supposed to do!

It looked sad, which was neither my intention, nor my feelings.O_o

Nota bene! I’m NOT sad!!!O_o




Soft & Hard

IMG_1890Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites


IMG_1877 1200px


When I made this image, I called it “Fading out”
But I have a sense it would fit with “Partners” as well. Fading out and fading in. Plain and colorful. Soft and rough. Opposites that have to go together to make a complete reflexion. A coherent whole!

IMG_1877 1200px

And apropos creating images! Just the other day I took the daring step to let print two of my images. I ordered them directly from Picture/Apple as posters, in the stunning size of 40 x 50 centimeter.O_o
I just wanted to see what they’ll look like in real life! On paper! How big is 40 times 50 anyway?

I have a dream of gathering my best pieces on an exhibition. Perhaps next time when we have this shared exhibition at the Cafeteria, so I wont have to show too many objects. It’s quite expensive with canvas prints, frames et cetera.

You know… Everything starts with a dream, and without dreams – no reality!

These two are the first ones I chose to see if this dream of mine is possible to realize. You see, I have my ideas what I’ll do with them to become “real” images/objects! It’s not enough just to have them printed as they are now. I have a couple of ideas… And I just have to try!

Skärmavbild 2016-06-28 kl. 20.33.09

I’m supposed to get the prints tuesday or wednesday next week. I’m both nervous and excited about it.

And then I’ll experiment.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners


Ocean curves

It’s just an ordinary summer day,
with boringly endless sand
and the sun hidden in southwest.
The water seems to be mostly grayish.
Dark clouds are heaping up from the horizon,
and there’s a chill stroking down your spine.
Nothing seems to be what it really is.



The enchanted forrest

A beach-forrestIMG_3873a
Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve


Thought they meant me…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

But they didn’t…