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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience


Still lying around

As it happens… I also write! And in english. Welcome!

A new beginning

It’s quite an odd feeling, to be in this nothingness just waiting for time to pass. It’s not bad! On the contrary, I have my suspicions it’s rather good! You learn to just “be”, to stay in the Now. If you can’t spend time alone with yourself, then you might be…  quite frustrated. But I can, I like it, I need it! But not every day endlessly.

I do some things, of course! I shop for food, cook, eat, meet friends once in a while. And I spent one whole afternoon after New Year with one of my daughters. She drow 80 kilometers to meet me. And we just kept on talking and talking while walking and window-shopping and having coffee together. It was wonderful!

Yesterday my friend Mac helped with throw away some garbage that couldn’t fit in the ordinary garbage bin. A couple of outdoors wooden chairs that almost…

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A New Path

Am I on a new path?
I would say so. New place in life – recently retired. And soon, a new place to live in… on… at… whatever…
A new city to live in, though it’s actually old and well-known to me.

I throw away things. Give away some. I clean up among photos and files on the computer. Getting rid of the old, letting the new come in.

Soon there will be a new year. 2017. Every New Years Day is seen as a chance for letting go of the old, and letting in the new. Promises are given and there is hope. At least for a while.

30-maj-2009-30Do I have any promises for the new year! No. But I have a sincere intention to write more. To finish those novels and short stories that are worth finishing. And to write new stuff. I intend to write more on the blogs as well. At least for the time being. Then, what’s supposed to happen – will happen. Just wait and see.

Now I have this blog with mostly images. I also have the blog where I write in swedish, and less than a week ago I started new blog, where I’ll write – and write in English. Havn’t figured out yet if I should have a specific theme like food och something, but I guess I would handcuff myself if I decided to focus only on one topic. That wouldn´t be me then! So I see it as a kind of diary, a place for me to ventilate thoughts and events in a somewhat personal way – not being personal, though!

And Please! Consider yourself very, very welcome!

The Swedish one: Min ostyriga penna

The new one in English: A new beginning



Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

To friends all over the world!


Strangers are friends we haven’t met yet!

The path of life

Such a convenient topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week! Path!
Well! The word path can be interpreted in many ways, the very first that came into my mind was that my whole life is on the move.

First: I retired early this year and the mental/psychological road since then have been quite bumpy. Second: I’m soon moving back to my hometown and my family, and that will be quite different from my life here.
So it’s undoubtedly a special path I’m on right now, and I have such a mess at home! Everything is upside-down! Boxes and stuff all around the apartment, thus still a little too early to pack my things and start doing the extra thorough cleaning.

So at present I’m a bit restless and un-energetic at the same time.


Today I got the idea to start a new blogg, just because I wanted something new also in that area. Not that I intend to delete any of those I already have, I just… well… I am a bit crazy you know.
I wanted to have one where I write stuff in english, not only for your sake, guys, but also for myself. For the fun of it! And not add a lot of images to the posts! For images, I have this blog! (Well… a lot and a lot… hopefully I’ll start photographing again once I’m back home…)

Nevertheless! I thought of having a new account to go with that blog… AH Wait! At first I wanted to start a blog somewhere else! Not another WP-blog! I know I’m not the only one that is highly irritated over these so called “enhancements”, and I’ll try hard NOT to make a list with all those nuisances. Not now, anyway.

At first I yahooed (n.b. not googled) and got irritated over the fact that I couldn’t see what I was getting from some domains – so I didn’t choose any of those. How about Blogspot then, I thought. Besides the fact I hate google (which is an even bigger nuisance than WP), the blogs you can make there can be really nice. So I created a new mailaccount to start with, and then began to add up to blogspot.

UNTIL I found out they wanted my phonenumber as some kind of security!!!!

So I didn’t get myself a blog on blogspot.
Okay! Another WP-account then! Att least I didn’t have to give wp my phone-number, and I know how to deal with it. So…

Next chock! When starting a completely new blog on wordpress, there is NO easy way to access the admin-panel. There are NO ways to click into the old way to post or to search for a new theme THE EASY WAY. They also only give you 166 free themes to choose from.

So stay put with the blog you have, where you after all have access to the old panel AND all the themes you had to chose from when you first started the blog. If you sometime want to change the appearance

There is only one way  to reach the old admin-panel on a new blog, and that is to search for it by writing the address directly into the adressfield in the web-reader.
Like this: www. yourblogname.wordpress.com/wp-admin – and then bookmark it!!!

How my experience ended?
I deleted the new account and created a new blog on this account. Much easier (except for the “enhanced” things wp has put us up to – someday I’ll write about that, but not today)
I’ve only written one post so far, though, but you are all welcome to visit and follow. Click on the image below and you’ll get there. As retiree I have plenty of time to do what I want, and I’m going to spend a lot of that time writing. Novels, short stories – and blogposts.




When someone is about to move, like I am right now, there are moments and days when nothing can be done! Literally! Everything has been settled. The contract is signed, the to-do-lists are written, the friends are told you need help and the actual date is set. But it’s way too early to actually pack any boxes and bags, and to clean the apartment.

So! What do you do then? Hardly nothing. You’re restless and yet unable to focus on anything. Most of the time you just exist. Of course! If you have a job to attend to, you do that. But if you don’t? Then you perhaps just float around in the existence.

Yes, and there’s where I am right now. Six weeks left to “Go” and nothing to do.
Well… In a way…

And since I don’t have that many moving-boxes standing around in the flat yet, I borrowed a couple of images from a previous move some years ago.

Soon Christmas!


Pumpkin seeds
Coconut cream

Weekly Photo Challenge: Anticipation

Towards the end

… and a new beginning. 

Cold days

A cold beautiful day, and luckily no snow. Yet…


So still within the comfort zone, relatively…
… and thanks to some work done among weed and wild bushes, we can now see some of the landscape beyond the chestnut tree

Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon


Soon moving from here and now…

… to there and later
which then will be –
here and now!

Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

(P.S. There is actually no snow here right now – nor there.)

An oldie, but goodie

Relax, is the theme for WPs Photo challenge this week.
But to make it clear, I don’t generally find buildings relaxing.
Particularly not these kinds made of concrete and glass, and mostly gray.
But to make a colorful image out of such a mostly gray photo – that is relaxing!
And a lot more calming to look at…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

… and while performing a huge cleaning-process among my photos, I found this.
I’ll keep it!

Peace & Quiet

A sofa…
An unread book – or a pile of…
A warm and cosy blanket…
A pillow – or why not three…
being all surrounded

A cup o’ coffee…
Some cookies…
No one coming…
No one calling…
peace and quiet

Just I, me and myself…
And all the time in the world

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

How about…

… a mid-day stroll on a cold, sunny day.


Weekly Photo Challenge: not this time of the year without

… and no snow – thank goodness

I Heart You


Weekly Photo Challenge: It’s not this time of year without… Love

And that goes for everytime, anytime, everywhere…

It’s time

… for oranges. Any sort, any size, big or small. Just oranges!


Weekly Photo Challenge: 
It's not this time of the year without: 
Fruit! Especially oranges!

What would the darkness be without light?

Nothing whatsoever!


Weekly Photo Challenge:  It’s Not This Time of Year Without… Candles!

Translator or not translator

WordPress has made it possible to translate the blogs we read into a language we are accustomed to, and know. That’s a good thing! Per se!

I tried it out on my Swedish and got; pleased, irritated and burst into a huge laughter. But as you see, I just had to try it out! Mostly because my Swedish blog no can be read even by those of you who don’t know Swedish. So Welcome!

In Swedish – the tagline is my interpretation of the blogname
The translators choices… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – What has a pump to do with a pen?

Frist I got irritated why it couldn’t translate Swedish into English – then I realized I had the main language for my blogs set on English. (Laughter) So first of all I had to go to settings and fix that. #check_and_all_right

Then I let the translator turn the blog into English and – laughter, irritation (a bit) – and shame

Laughter, since it really looked funny,
Irritation, since the choice of words often was so awkward, and some words wasn’t translated at all
Shame, since I myself write and understand English much better than this, and I hope no one will blame me because of the awkward twitches.

BUT! On the whole it’s really a good thing, this translator. Better a bad translation than none, and keeping this in mind, I hope it will render more laughs than irritation and question marks.

By the way! The Swedish word “pusslande” has to do with Jig saw puzzle. Nothing else

The coffee-image I found on Facebook on the site 

Once upon a time I had a blog (in swedish) where I called myself Coffee. It wasn’t about coffee though. It was mainly about being an ADHD and Introvert personality. Which doesn’t contradict each other

Learning how to cook vegan

From my Swedish blog…. 😀

Från min ostyriga Penna

Blandade rotfrukter och grönsaker – Mixed rootveggies and greens – fry until soft

Kidneybönor – add beans – fry for a while, add spices

Add tomatoes, organic fresh and pureed – let simmer until it thickens. Puttra ihop grönsakerna och bönorna med Eko-tomater

Enjoy with basmati-rice and fresh cucumber. Taste with freshly grounded black pepper, and maybe some salt and lemonjuice.

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I tried to find chaos – but found only peace…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos


I think, I’ve never really listened to the words before…

Beautiful days



There are still beautiful days to come before winter arrives,
and then other kinds of beautiful days will arrive…
and then spring… and summer… and autumn again…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify